• 2019

    1st quarter

    Stargram Exchange System Adding
    (additional opening in Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia)
    Stargram Park Official Service.
  • 2018

    4th quarter

    Stargram Exchange Launching in Korea/China/Japan
    (Token issuance system for each star and affiliated store opening)
    Stargram Park Beta Opening
  • 2018

    3rd quarter

    Stargram Trading (Exchange) Platform Beta Opening
    Stargram Wallet Enhancement Opening
    Stargram Park Development
  • 2018

    2nd quarter

    Beta test of Token Issue System
    Stargram Wallet Enhancement
    Bingo Music Opening and ICO
  • 2018

    1st quarter

    Stargram Coin Crowd Sale
    (Scheduled to be processed from end of February until end of March)
    Stargram Wallet Development and Opening
    Token Issuance System, Trading System Development
    Planbit international exchange is scheduled to be opened between March or April
    (Listing on Stargram Coin)
  • 2017.12

    Stargram Coin Solution Development
  • 2017.11

    Stargram Coin Pre-Sale